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Charity Awards Event Memoirs

June 30th, 2016|Comments Off on Charity Awards Event Memoirs

We are thankful for the multiple Presidents, Hall of Famers, Celebrities and Artists who attend Charity Awards, giving of their time and money.

“The idea started at a dinner held at our house back in 1979. That was back when people still called me govenor. Nancy and I had a few friends over, including Doug Wead and Pat Boone. Doug had just returned from Cambodia, where the devastation left by the brutal pol pot regime had left that nation in a state of plague and famine. Some estimates say that 3 million people died in a country of only 6 million. Half the population; wiped out in a single generation. Some of the dinner guests started talking about it that night. Finally they decided not to wait for a government, the United Nations or someone else, to act. They decided to do something themselves. And the National Charity Awards Dinner was born. That year, the first dinner raised $300,000 for Cambodian relief…”

-President Ronald Reagan, speaking on the beginnings of Charity Awards Dinner and Mercy Corps