Honorary Chairpersons

This reunion will also celebrate the memory of great Americans who helped launch this event in the past and served as honorary chairpersons. Lady Bird Johnson served. So too, did President Gerald Ford, who also attended the event. President and Mrs. Reagan served four times and were present on each occasion. Bob Hope served and attended three times. Coretta Scott King twice. There have been multiple White House East Room receptions, hosted by President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter and three times by President and Mrs. Reagan.  Both Bush presidents participated. George H.W. Bush and Barbara served as chairpersons and attended the event. As did President George W. Bush and Laura.

President Donald Trump, with Charity Awards co-founder Doug Wead. The Charity announced it’s first peace award to President Trump for his historic Abraham Accords. 

President Barack Obama, meets with Charity Awards President Dave Donaldson.

President Gerald R. Ford, served as Honorary Chairperson and delivered a speech at one of the Charity Awards.

Lady Bird Johnson, beloved First Lady, served as Honorary Chairperson at one of the early events.

President Ronald Reagan spoke multiple times to guests of the Charity Awards and made one of his last public appearances at one of its dinners.

No single person did more to advance the Charity than First lady, Nancy Reagan, who served multiple times as Honorary Chairperson. The idea for the event began at her dinner table in Pacific Palisades, California.

Representative, Jack Kemp, was one of more than forty members of congress who served on the Charity Dinner Committee.

First Lady, Rosalynn Carter, hosted the Charity Awards in the East Room of the White House and made public service announcements for Mercy Corps International.

Entertainer, Bob Hope, came to his first event and never missed one again.

Coretta Scott King served twice as Honorary Chairperson and attended both events.

George H.W. Bush served as Honorary Chairperson and attended events. He appointed Charity founder, Doug Wead, to his White House senior staff. 

First Lady, Barbara Bush, an Honorary Chairperson, was beloved by both award winners and attendees.

George W. Bush served as Honorary Chairperson and participated at an event even before he was elected president.

First Lady, Laura Bush served as an Honorary Chairperson and attended an event with her husband in 1988. 
Governor Mike Huckabee was Honorary Chairperson and spoke at the annual event in 2010.